TALK MONEY: COVID-19 has changed the conversation


2020 is a year like no other. We are seeing some clients thrive from the opportunities that are presenting themselves, whether it is the local food/convenience shops being supporting by their local community or manufacturers adapting their machines to produce desperately needed PPE. At the other end of the spectrum we have clients whose turnover has reduced, for example a physiotherapist where social distancing measures and clean down requirements between patients is limiting the number of clients they can treat in a day or where business have been shut down FULL STOP in the hospitality and leisure industry.

Our clients know we're their trusted advisor… we give them approachable and reliable advice.

In both these scenarios we are helping our clients for different reasons but with the same aim, to ensure survival and future growth. Businesses that are thriving are asking for advice to ensure they have the cash and resources to meet increased demand. We are preparing cashflows on a regular basis to determine the maximum funding requirement of each business and when that peak will be reached to ensure they do not overstretch themselves. No one wants to go big then go bust due to lack of planning. For businesses with reduced or no sales we are providing advice on the CJRS, its impact on cashflow and whether funding needs have increased or decreased with the latest lockdown and revised support measures. 


Once cash requirements are determined we assist with the application for Bounce Back loans and CBILS from both high street banks and alternative lenders as appropriate.

Our clients know that we are their trusted advisor. They can call us any time to go through their thoughts, ideas or concerns and we will give them approachable and reliable advice. This advice is vital to our clients, especially when information and guidance feels like it changes on a daily basis, we digest and explain this to them in our own Yorkshire way.

If you, or anyone you know of, would benefit from some financial advice and help during such uncertain times then please contact us for a free consultation and let us start the conversation about money.