Talk Money Week 2020

9th – 13th November

It’s talk money week every week for us at WDS, but more importantly this week we thought we’d share with you why it’s crucial for you to talk about money and how we can help start the conversation.

Keep reading to see our 5 key messages on the importance of talking money and to read a blog written by one of our partners, Julie Young, about how COVID-19 has changed the conversation and the necessity of talking about money in the current economic state.

As a business, part of our mission is to listen, support and evaluate queries, enabling us to provide innovative solutions for our clients. In turn, we offer financial advice for both individuals and businesses, with an aim to ensure we tailor our services to your needs and give you peace of mind that we are helping you plan for a successful future.

Over the last 8 months, Covid-19 has been such a huge part of all our lives and undoubtedly had a colossal impact on many businesses. To find out how we’ve helped our clients during these uncertain times and why it’s essential to talk about money in the current climate, read our blog here.

Still uncertain on how to start the conversation around money? Well here’s 5 of our key messages and ways we can help you with your money and future planning.


Being Approachable is an important value to us and we go out of our way to ensure people and our clients know that we’re open, friendly and easy to talk to. Most importantly… know that we listen. So contact us here to talk about your business and/or personal finances, and join the conversation online @WDSaccountants.

Here’s what some of the #WDSTeam think: