Personal Tax Planning

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Our services are not restricted to businesses and we have a large core of personal tax clients. Whether you need assistance with your self assessment tax returns or advice on inheritance tax planning, we can help you.

Our dedicated team can provide the following services:

  • Advice on minimising tax liability for all personal taxes including:
    • Income tax
    • Capital gains tax (CGT)
    • Inheritance tax (IHT)
  • Completion and filing of relevant returns
  • Advice on what payments are due and when
  • Advice on trusts and estates

Please contact us to discover how we can help you make the most of your wealth.

Inheritance Tax Planning

Inheritance tax (IHT) has been described as the ‘voluntary’ tax for the very wealthy (because they can afford to give wealth away during their lifetimes), but a serious problem for the merely comfortable (because they need to keep personal wealth to fund their retirement).

More and more ‘comfortable’ people are finding that increased property values mean that their estates will be liable for inheritance tax when they die.

Our specialist advisers can help you put together a plan for minimising the inheritance tax on your estate, using strategies such as:

  • Gifts in your lifetime, including trusts
  • A tax-efficient Will
  • Life assurance.

Contact us today, and we can help ensure that more of your money passes to the people you choose, not the tax man.

Trusts And Executorships

Trusts are relatively easy and very tax efficient way to set aside assets for future beneficiaries outside of the inheritance tax net. They can also be useful for:

  • Providing funds for your children's education, maintenance, etc.
  • Restricting access to property by future beneficiaries
  • Providing for people who are mentally or otherwise incapacitated

We can advise on the most suitable type of trust for your purposes, set up trusts, and provide a full range of accounting services for trusts.

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